The City of Dublin reveres the inherent worth of all people and acknowledges the injustices that marginalized communities have continuously faced.
No resident, community member or visitor to Dublin should live in fear nor exist without the resources they need to be protected where they are.
Safe Space Dublin is a partnership between the City of Dublin and the Dublin Police Department along with local organizations, businesses and institutions.
The program promotes safety, security and support resources.
Safe Spaces are safe havens for people who have experienced hate crimes, threats or intimidation, or for people in personal crisis.
Safe Spaces are staffed by businesses and organizations who offer victims and people in personal crisis specific shelter while allies at those locations can call for help.
Safe Space Dublin aims to empower victims to report any bias or hate crime so incidents can be properly investigated.
When there is no crime or threat, the police do not have to be involved for a person to use a Safe Space.

What Is a Safe Space?

Safe Space Dublin began in November 2022 in the City of Dublin. All City buildings, including the Dublin Justice Center, and all Washington Township Fire Department stations operate as Safe Space Dublin locations. That means someone entering those buildings in a time of need can receive compassionate instructions from trained staff members, known as allies, about what steps they can take to receive support during a situation where their safety is in jeopardy.
Read more about the program published in Dublin Life magazine.


Become a Location

To become a Safe Space Dublin location, your business or organization must be within the city limits. Business and organization owners and employees will need to follow the Dublin Police’s training program before being designated a Safe Space.

Download the “How To Help” Worksheet for Allies

Download the “How To Find Support” Worksheet for Users

Be a Resource Contributor

Groups from the Dublin or Central Ohio area may also become a Safe Space Dublin partner or resource contributor. If you are located outside the Dublin city limits, you’re encouraged to adopt the Safe Space model in your area.

Safe Space Dublin Training

The Dublin Police Community Liaison Officers, known as CLOs, provide training to interested businesses and organizations who want to serve as Safe Space Dublin locations. CLOs have several responsibilities:
  • Establish and maintain relationships with community organizations
  • Improve agency practices bearing on police-community relations
  • Act as primary point of contact for diverse populations across the city
  • Attend community functions at least once per quarter
The goal of the CLO program is to develop a trust-based relationship with Dublin’s diverse populations. CLOs work to explain the Safe Space Dublin program policies, expectations and available local resources for a business or organization to successfully become a safe haven for the community.

Mission Statement

The City of Dublin reveres the inherent worth of all people and values the remarkable diversity that makes Dublin a wonderful community to live, work and visit. The City of Dublin condemns racism and pledges to combat bias, injustice, inequity and intolerance. The City’s non-discrimination ordinance ensures city-level protections for people experiencing discrimination based on their race, color, national origin, ancestry, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, sex, age, disability and other protected qualities.
The Safe Space Dublin program is a City of Dublin community safety initiative led by the Dublin Police Department meant to promote designated havens of safety, security and support for residents and visitors in their time of need. Importantly, Safe Space Dublin is a community partnership between the City government, public safety agencies, private businesses, advocacy groups, wellness support services and other Dublin stakeholders. The program is an overt demonstration of the City of Dublin’s commitment to cultivating a welcoming, inclusive and safe environment for all to be protected, respected and supported.
Safe Space Dublin recognizes the inexcusable history of appalling injuries, injustices and trauma suffered by diverse and historically marginalized communities. Every community member deserves an environment free of hate, bias or bigotry. The program focuses on ensuring equitable support and resources for all people and protection from all hate crimes in the Dublin community.
No resident, community member or visitor to the City of Dublin should live in fear. Everyone should have access to the protection they deserve or the shelter they require to safeguard them from harm and intimidation. Safe Space Dublin, in cooperation with community partners, endeavors to connect those in need with the specific resources that ensure physical safety, sense of security and optimal wellness.
Anyone who has experienced a bias or hate crime is encouraged to report the offense to the Dublin Police Department.
Chief of Police Justin Páez
Dublin Police Department


Want to know more about Safe Space Dublin? Interested in providing local resources or becoming a Safe Space Dublin location?
Reach out to Corporal Bill Morris, program coordinator, at or at 614.410.2852.
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